14 01 2012

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On a slightly misty January afternoon I made a trip from my office to my credit union via the COTA #16 bus. I quickly walked to my destination on exiting the bus, entered the credit union, and made my transaction. A quick transaction meant I had twenty minutes to wait until the next bus came.

Transit evangelists can name off a long list of tangible benefits from riding transit. A smaller carbon footprint, better health, lower stress levels from driving can all be named but effects from riding that are rarely talked about are the intangible benefits of transit. This brings me back to an experience I had yesterday while waiting on my bus to return to work.

For some who think about trying public transportation the thought of waiting is enough to make them not even attempt to ride the bus. For me, I saw my wait as an opportunity to experience one of my favorite parts of my city. I strolled down Gay Street taking in Neighborhood Launch then turning around and meandering towards High Street.

My short walk was certainly enough to brighten my day until I was interrupted by a brief vibration in my pocket. It was a text message from my friend Nancy (the creator of Low Carb(on) Columbus) who happened to be at a restaurant on Gay Street and spied me walking. I crossed the street, entered the restaurant,and after a chat I was back on my way and she on hers.

Connections such as mine with Nancy are an inherently urban phenomenon. These are the experiences that are enabled by urban living and public transportation. Had I had my car and driven to my credit union I could have saved 20 minutes out of my trip. I also would have not taken my walk and would have never run into Nancy and my day would have been without one of its brightest moments.

The most intangible benefit of Public Transportation is being connected to your city and your fellow humans. This only exists when living an urban life and is truly enhanced by utilizing transit. Change lanes; take Transit and learn to live life in the human lane.

COTA Ridership Jumps 10.8%, Highest Nationally

8 12 2011

According to statistics released by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) COTA achieved a 10.8% boost in ridership in the 3rd quarter. This boost was the highest in large bus systems nationally. What is causing the this rise in ridership? Much can be speculated but increased service hours, increased gas prices, an increasing urban population, and tread towards a less auto dependent lifestyle could all be factors. Why do you think ridership is up?

Cbus Transit January Meeting!

8 12 2011

Location: Cup O’ Joe Coffee at Columbus Commons 149 South High Street

Date: Thursday, January 5th

Time: 6:00 pm

Topics: At this meeting we will put together a list of Goals for 2012, finalize a list of members for a steering committee and begin to plan events for 2012.

Please RSVP to our event on Facebook!

1 12 2011

Cbus Transit is a grassroots organization that seeks to raise awareness, advocate and promote public transit in Columbus, Ohio. Join at our meetings and events and help make transit better in Central Ohio!